Christian Bible Studies

Greater than Gold Bible Studies are simple, easy-to-use studies that provide you with a comprehensive knowledge of Scripture, one book or topic at a time. Offered in an interactive Q&A format that takes you in-depth into a book or area of Scripture, Greater than Gold studies focus on building biblical knowledge in a format that fits your life. Available as individual studies or in volumes for organizations, churches and schools, our studies are perfect for people who want to know the Bible better, no matter where you are in your spiritual journey.

Greater Than Gold Bible Studies are in use all over the world, in churches, small groups, schools and seminaries, prisons and individual Bible learning. Millions of Greater Than Gold Bible Studies have been distributed over the past 40 years, across six continents, more than 70 countries, and in 17 different languages.


Greater Than Gold Bible Studies have a long legacy of helping people discover biblical truth and grow in their faith. For more than 40 years, Greater Than Gold has reached people all over the world with the love of Christ and the message of the Gospel.

Greater Than Gold studies were created in the 1970s by Global Youth Evangelism (GYE), a small group of dedicated believers, with a large vision to make Bible knowledge available to all. With none of today's technology available and little financial resources, the dedicated group began writing the timeless studies, printing them on an old printing press and assembling them by hand. They were originally published under the name “Christian Worker Bible Study Series” and distributed in the GYE’s home state of California and beyond.

Soon, demand grew, with people all around the world requesting studies in their native language. Since then, hundreds of thousands have benefited from the studies in Cuba, Russia, Angola and in 70 different countries around the globe.

Today, Greater Than Gold is proud to be offering the same solid biblical teaching in a modern format, using state of the art technology and further impacting people all over the world. It is our vision to continue to expand, translate and distribute more and more Bible studies to more and more hungry people in more and more languages. When you purchase a Greater Than Gold study, you help us provide trusted Bible Studies to Christian leaders in developing countries, in their language, and partner with them in equipping the called for the work of the ministry.