For more than 40 years, Greater Than Gold Bible Studies have been distributed around the globe in multiple languages. Our mission is to get these much-needed tools into the hands of missionaries, pastors, missions’ organizations and leaders in developing and third-world countries, in their native language, at no cost to them. We also provide Bible study materials to prison ministries in the United States, where life change is happening each day.

When you purchase a Greater Than Gold study, you help directly fund this mission. See how God is using Greater Than Gold around the world, and join thousands of other believers across the globe who desire to know God through the study of His Word.

"Texas Prison Ministry"

Agape Bible College in Gatesville, Texas has a ministry serving the women's prison, where they use Greater Than Gold studies as part of biblical education classes.

Dr. Karen Pelizzari, president of Agape Bible College, recently told Greater Than Gold: “I started it all with your Bible studies.”

 “I have close to 900 students that have gone through our school [in the women’s prison],” said Pelizzari. “Some could only read at a second grade level when we first started. Most didn't have parents, or were drug addicts or alcoholics. [These studies] give them a fighting chance.”

“When the school first started, the return rate to prison was 92 percent. Within the first year of offering the school, it went down to 22 percent recidivism. Some have started their own Bible studies within the prison for those who are too afraid to come to class. The message is spreading farther than we know!”

Agape was also able to get the biblical education classes accredited, allowing inmates to pursue a degree while in prison, which can lead to early release and better job prospects after prison.

“We are very appreciative to get the studies from you”, said Pelizzari. “You have definitely changed lives. There is no telling how many will meet [Greater Than Gold] in heaven and say thank you!”

- Mike


A few years ago, missionary Harry Osland and Angolan pastor Isaac Luciano introduced the Greater Than Gold studies to Angola, Africa.

The studies, translated into Portuguese, proved to be a remarkable success in Angola. In just a few short years, nearly 8,000 believers enrolled in the studies, scores of churches developed study groups, and the national church made this series a requirement for all its future ministers.

Now, Africa’s Hope, an organization working to train and empower leaders across Africa, has entered into an agreement with Greater Than Gold (GTG) to offer the Bible Study series to local churches throughout all of Africa. The African version of the series will be known as the Roots of Faith Series. Africa’s Hope will translate the series into at least twelve languages and create a training system that is appropriate to the African context.

The Roots of Faith Series guides a student through a complete reading of the Bible. The reader fills out questions related to each chapter of the Bible and meets weekly for teaching and interaction, with the program offering a certificate to those who complete the entire series. Through partnerships like the one with Africa’s Hope, we are able to expand our mission and create culturally appropriate studies and reach even more corners of the world.

- Mike

"Eastern Europe"

In the summer of 2015, Greater Than Gold was pleased to send digital copies of our Bible Studies to a populous city in Eastern Europe. These studies were provided through an individual traveling to the country, who will work with local church networks to print and distribute them in the country. So far, we have 38 different studies that have been translated into this country's native language.

- Mike

"A Closed Communist Country"

In 1995, Spanish versions of the Greater Than Gold Bible Study series were taken into a closed Communist country, at great risk, by a GTG minstry leader. This leader had a relationship with a young pastor who was able to distribute the studies, despite possible repercussions. Over the years, the connection was lost, and studies were no longer sent.

But God had bigger plans. In 2014, there was a meeting of some ministry leaders at the Greater Than Gold headquarters, and one of the attendees brought an unexpected guest: a pastor from this country. Upon seeing each other, the GTG leader and this pastor embraced.  Some of the meeting attendees were confused. How could they know each other? This guy had never been to the United States?

It so happened that this was the young pastor that GTG had connected with in 1995.  He has become a prominent pastor/leader in his country and is well connected. And this fall, the studies will be reintroduced to the country in digital format, for local printing and distribution to the believers through the local churches. How amazing the ways God works!

- Mike