“My husband and I teach the New Life Class here at our church. We start a new class about every eight weeks and so many [new Christians] tell us how much they enjoy working in the books and how much they have learned."

- Church volunteer, USA

As a pastor, I can say that these studies have been a great blessing for our church. They provide a systematic and organized structure for Bible study. It is amazing to see the brethren keeping faith with increased interest in learning the truths of the kingdom of God.

- Cuban pastor

“I am so thrilled with the study guides. I have thoroughly enjoyed studying in depth my Savior’s life. My relationship with God has become stronger”

- Greater Than Gold Bible Study User, Mississippi

“The Synoptic Gospels Study guide has helped strengthen my faith by learning more about the Life of Christ. When I work on it alone I feel such precious peace. The way the course guides you reaffirms to me that the New Testament is truly the Word of God”

- Greater Than Gold Bible Study User, Moffat County Jail

"This Bible study series has given me strength and encouragement to dig deeper into the word of God. It has helped me to grow spiritually and become a better Christian; I'm now not just a hearer of His word, but now I'm also a doer." 

- Greater Than Gold Bible Study user

"I thank God for all the people who have helped to bring these studies into my life. Using them to study the Bible has improved my relationship with the Lord and enabled me to know Him more deeply. The clear and systematic format has helped me grow as a cell group leader. I have had such great inspiration and experiences in my study of the word of God, I don't have enough words to describe it!”

- Greater Than Gold Bible Study user, Cuba

“Thank you very much for sending me 10 studies in the Russian language. I look forward to continuing my Bible studies using your courses. I just completed the 10th study. They are very well structured, and formatted. Thank you for your work.”

- Inmate in a Pennsylvania prison